Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to survive university

A new school year has started which can mean a new school, new, city, new classmates and subjects! This new chapter of your life can be very scary; I sure knew I was. I moved from Portugal back to my home country the Netherlands to continue my studies and it was a pretty big journey. So, now a year later, let me give you some advice about how to start the new school year the best year possible!

Go out, especially in the beginning

What I noticed was, that especially in the beginning of the school year my classmates wanted to go out a lot with the whole class to get to know each other. Lets be honest, with a few drinks it's a lot easier to come out of your shell. Take advantage of it to make friends. 

I didn't go out that much since I was visiting my boyfriend in another city on any free school day because I missed him so much. Unfortunately it did take me a while to catch up with everybody when it came to friendships. However, as long as you try and make an effort everything is possible!

Start making notes/summaries right away

Yes, it's cliché and yes, it's also very true. In the beginning of the year your study load is a lot less than in the middle or end. Use this (!!!). Trust me, you'll thank me later ahah. If you start right away you'll have a lot less work when you have your exam periods, since everything is already summarised, the only thing you'll have to do is study it.

Group projects

Everyone has the habit of making a group only with friends. Well, that works, sometimes. A tip I would give it to keep it mixed. Sure it's fun to be in a group with your friend, but in the end you will get a grade for the end result. Make sure you do work together and that it isn't just all fun and games. I know it sounds harsh, but trust me, not getting a sufficient because the project wasn't finished in time will feel a lot worse. 
And here you go! Those were some of the tips I have for the upcoming school year. I'm thinking about making more of these posts in the future to keep you motivated when it comes to your studies! Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Love, LJ

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